Every Person

 Has a story to tell.
 Some just choose different methods.

Coming in 2018


The first novel in a series
involving a group of people
who have chosen to be

part of an adventure
that could change their lives

for the better.

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A quick look into

what this site is about.


Our Journeys


An in-depth insight

into the authors thoughts

about the process,

and their characters'


Our Support


A general overview

of the ministries,

services, and businesses mentioned within the novel and on the website.

Latest News

We have started working together again and have already made some amendments that have kept us on our toes.


There are now a few short stories being gathered that add depth to some of the characters.


Chapters are being written with more eyes on the Will of the Father known as 'Daddy' to these characters and maybe to some of our site's visitors.


We now have an overall outline to help the book stay on track.


Our first Novella has been written and will be offered as an e-book.  An Adventure Begins is the title of our e-book. Family Ties - found on our journeys page - is an excerpt from the e-book.

Dream Fund

Please show your support and donate to our Dream Fund. We are currently in talks over how to have fun with ideas on how to raise funds for publishing and editing. Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

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This Week's Teaser

Haulani sets out to tell the truth:



"Haulani didn't care what name Pipi chose to call herself, he was not hassled by that thought. Her name wasn't what had him reaching for his consoles every morning, and during the evening. It wasn't her name that had been on his heart every time that he had brought himself beside his bed to pray as his mother had taught him to before she passed."